Wearing the Wedge Pride (Courtesy of Samuel Mason, Assistant to the Deal Captain)

t’s been more than six months since the Wedge and the winter cold. And now, as then, a Wedge approaches; exciting and tantalising, as we savour the event to come.

This beast is made of men and pride, clubs and wine. An army of great men, vast beyond imagining, ready to devour the Wedge feast, ready to snuff out the world’s distractions, for one hope, for reason and victory. A Wedge approaches.

As we eye this ludicrously brilliant prospect of another filthily good weekend, twenty four men strong prepare for the largest Wedge yet, the sense of pride is overwhelming. A pride we no longer have to confine to the metaphorical, one we can now wear in a very real and wondrously silky fashion. It was as simple an order as Waud could have given; “Let them wear the Wedge Pride”. For he did not wish tribute, nor song, nor monuments, nor poems of greatness and valour. His wish was simple; “Let them wear their pride”. That was his hope, should any Wedger come across another, in all the countless matches yet to be, that he sees that pride, so Waud asks “Go tell the Wedgers, that here by Wauds decree, every Wedger, Deal or Walton, will wear the colours of glory, a mark of greatness, for you shall have a Wedge tie that you can wear in Pride”.

The Wedge Trophy Membership Fees 2012
(Courtesy of Charles Waud, Walton Captain)

The silk ties have been ordered in abundance and are due to be delivered to London town at least a week before departure to Deal. The Wedge Trophy not only has a cracking website, (if I do say so myself) but now we have a bank account set up as well.

After much discussion over many a Waud Wine, the decision has been made that there is an annual membership fee to play in the Wedge. This is so that we can cover the numerous costs that Hedges and Waud normally pick up throughout the year in preparation and during our great matches.

Each member of the Wedge needs to transfer £30 into the Wedge account now. If the money is not in the account by the time of the match, you will not receive the coveted Wedge tie mentioned above – but more worryingly for Club and Captain, you will not be allowed to play in the Wedge until you have settled up.

Please make your bank transfers of £30 to the following account using your name as reference:

The Wedge Trophy

Not long to go until another great battle of golf, wit and drinking ability.

The very best of regards,

The Wedge Trophy Committee