Waud picks strongest team yet!

Walton skipper Charlie Waud is in the enviable position of being 3 nil up in the series against Deal. walton_heath

As this is the most social of fixtures, most people would take their foot off the pedal and let Deal back in to register their first point. However, this is not how Waud operates. Instead, Waud has picked his strongest side yet.

Littered with class, experience, drinking ability, banter and golfing prowess – Waud is fielding his 12 strong line up and looking forward to giving Deal a good drilling. (as the actor said to the bishop).

Walton Wizzards:

1. Charlie ‘The Smash’ Waud (Captain)
2. Ollie ‘Oxo’ Bowes (Vice Captain)
3. Ed ‘Tellus a’ Story
4. David ‘Sparkley’ Payne
5. Michael ‘Zork Meister General’ Zorko
6. Phil ‘Rookie’ Richards
7. Myles ‘Bosch’ Waud
8. Stuart ‘Molinari’ Frith
9. Stuart ‘lock up your daughters’ Robinson (am still working on a better nick name)
10. Miles ‘bruiser’ Nairn
11. Andy ‘Pandy’ Prickett (Ringer)
12. Fred ‘Big’ Mack (Ringer)

Good luck Deal.