Walton Wedge 2011 write up

Largest, most anticipated Wedge to date; RCPGC looking for third time lucky, WHGC wanting to maintain a dominant unbeaten start to Wedge History. Many seasoned and battle hardened Wedge veterans returning, and several debutants about to get their first glorious taste of Wedge (which incidentally has a similar after taste to Sambucca!). Fever pitch excitement built over a bacon roll and heavily iced Kummel breakfast…

All kicking off on the fantastic New Course. Waud put out a big gun pairing to lead (so typical of the man), his new VC Bowes with Berryman against Deals class pair of Captain non-extraordinaire and the Viking, a key header match where ironically the latter were raped and pillaged!zorko

Waud second up paired with ‘House of Payne’ against Earlington and Mason, finished off a nip & tuck match in style (again so typical of the man!).

It took a P-Diddy with the new Big Deal Daddy to chalk up a lonely Cinque Ports points as the Tour Pro with a sweetcorn fetish and the token Jock lost it on 18.

Then the Molinari Esq. pairing of the Frith’s for Walton made the opposition ‘Healy’ as they ‘Fent’ them over and hammered home a big W!

Ugly start for Deal about to get dog ugly when Good Duncs and Bad Duncs, united in name and stupidity where thrashed in 1st tee negotiations and on the following 18 holes as Waud Junior and Zorko registered the biggest margin of victory in the morning!

A swift lunch brought home two realities; 1) that Deal needed an afternoon miracle to turn this around, and 2) that based on the joy and ease that lunch time pints and Kummel slid down meant a big session was imminent. On to the magnificent Old Course for the afternoon.

High on life, confidence and good know what else, Dr Oxo headed it up again with Robbo for company against the Viking and Bad Duncs, alas neither of the Deal pair had redemption from their morning defeats as they were seen off on 17 (a strong 0 point debut from both!).

Walton had the halved match in the bag. An epic golfing and bantering pair up second in Berryman & Hamish but Good Duncs (no longer distracted by ‘sneaky’ Bad Duncs behaviour) made a strong pairing with Mason and kept a slither of Deal hope alive at 5-2.

However, Deal it seems were Myles short as Waud Junior introduced House of Payne to the mornings hero Howie and debutant no.3 with no point; Healy.

Only pride to play for at this point, though this was only to be dented further as Fent & Karrberg were turned over when they lost the final 4 holes to lose by 1 to Zorko & the slightly better Molinari on the day!

Then like closing a gate when the horse is in the distance, a rare point from Captain Hedge with ‘Big Dog’ Earlington beating a still very content Captain Waud and the slightly less good Molinari on the day! Final result, a relative thrashing at 7 – 3! RCPGC still yet to win a Wedge, as Walton dominate.


A write up of the evening was deemed potentially detrimental to all Wedge players reputation and livelihoods; needless to say is once again captured the very essence of what the Wedge is all about! Roll on March 2012.

Sam Mason – Royal Cinque Ports Vice Captain (self appointed)