The Runners and Riders

In order of Wedge caps:

Michael Hedges – Oh Captain Oh Captain. Deals unconventional captain leads through the unique use of defeatist rhetoric and modest humility. His method only works due to the gravitas of the Hedges golfing dynasty and a dehydratingly dry satirical approach. Easily the most decorated player from either team and on his day a wondrous golfer to behold, but ever the selfless Captain he often chooses to let others take the ostentatious glory of winning points.wedge_trophy_logo

Samuel Mason – A steadfast assistant to the Captain who in contrast to Hedge provides a more overtly positive outlook. Never missed a Wedge, and always insisted at 4-0 to Walton that the “tide was changing”, a prediction which has finally come into fruition with Deal now undefeated in 2.5 years! A competitive match-player who adores playing foursomes and loves the Wedge.

Graham Fewster – One of the most capped Wedgers. Well known for his love of lunching and plays better after claret and kummel. Results have not always gone Fewsters way and some believe he has never mentally recovered from hacking it into the ditch on 18 at Deal to hand Walton victory in the 2nd Wedge Trophy. Nevertheless, Fewsters tells me he has begun his quest for the precious (points).

Martin Fent – Another well capped Wedger and an ever present character in the Deal team. It is no coincidence that Fent’s return to form has coincided with a new era of Deal supremacy. Do not be fooled by a relaxed exterior, this is a man hungry to win and a stalwart competitor.

James Earley – The most consistent man on the Deal team. Fiercely dislikes losing so avoids it at all costs; he can boast a 75% points record. Cross-trains at Hankley GC and Deal GC in ‘off Wedge season’ to ensure he has both the links and heathland game nailed. Passionate team player who relishes every Wedge opportunity.

James Fox – The mercurial Fox. On his day can be a class act fitting of his Halford Hewitt pedigree, equally capable of being an all round hungover mess capable of killing those enjoying a drink on the Deal balcony! Always excited for Wedge action and at the forefront of evening shenanigans, seeing more and more of his on course class in recent fixtures.

Patrick Glynn – Our beloved token Irishman. The ‘Big Easy’ of Dublin imports his talents for as many Wedges as he can, and the team is the richer for it – certainly from a diversity stance. A solid Wedge record and has drastically improved drinking form to become a much more rounded Wedger – though not physically, he is 6.5ft and 8 stone wet. A gentleman and purebred links golfer.

Alex Cork – Having rejoined Deal a few years back Cork is starting to discover his form of yesteryear. In his search for his first Wedge point he has recently cited Martin Fent as his inspiration, and hopes to use the next Wedge to disembark the ‘Nil Poi InterRail’ and purchase a first class ticket to join Fentos aboard the ‘Redemption Express’.

Max McGahan – Only two fixtures deep into his Wedge career but he has an impressive 75% points record which puts him in the Eartlington league on returns. This is a record he is driven to maintain and he has an uncanny ability to battle his occasionally cavalier golf game into a winning performance. Extraordinary bar presence.

Jonny Ufton – Relatively new to Wedge but exceptional on debut with maximum points. As Clive Woodward acknowledged “my failure to recognise Ufton‘s potential as an International player was my failure and Englands loss”. I couldn’t agree more Clive, thankfully the Deal Wedge Team will make no such mistake, Jonny will always be on the team sheet if fit and available (which I appreciate wasn’t very often the case Clive!)

James Seeley – Another Deal Dandy returning after a strong debut Wedge. This will be his first home fixture and a Seeley knows how to play the links, he should be conidered extremely potent off a teen handicap. Another man of demonstrates celebrated Wedge traits when playing the 19th hole.

Chris Lark* – A Wedge debutant from a reputable Deal family stable, in the year his father holds club captaincy Chris has stood up to be counted as the 30th different man to represent Team Deal. He genuinely hits a 3 iron further than most peoples drivers, which is just as well, his foursomes partner should not be advising he uses woods! A great man, and a wonderful addition to Wedge.

Team Walton to face Deal

In order of Wedge caps:

Charlie Waud – Walton’s leader and a man that needs to come back into Wedge form. After a couple of quiet Wedge’s, Waudo has paired himself with Zorko in the morning and Brodie in the afternoon. Hopefully these stalwarts will help him on his way to getting his points percentage back up over the 50% mark. COME ON WALTON!

Oliver Bowes – Bowes of Bowesgate is another player that hasn’t missed a Wedge since our inception. Do not be fooled by his game improving shovels, Bowes is a canny competitor boasting a nearly 60% points percentage. Paired with Berryman in the morning and the House of Payne in the afternoon – Walton’s captain will be expecting 2 points from former vice Captain Bowes.

David Payne – Always the first name on the teamsheet – the House of Payne has also played in every Wedge. Infamous for his love of champagne and napping in nightclubs, DP is one of Team Walton’s most successful players with a points percentage of nearly 70%. Payne is paired with rookie Webster in the morning to guide him around the links.

Andrew Berryman – VC Berryman simply has Wedge blood flowing through his veins. Getting more and more involved in every Wedge, Berryman is almost more keen than his Captain to get Walton back into winning ways. On paper our best player and fortunately drawn some great partners, a great opportunity for Berryman to put his marker down before his gap yaaahhh to Australia in 2016.

Michael Zorko – A great man that does not read or reply to any email unless there is ‘Wedge’ in the subject title. Zorko quite simply loves the Wedge. You will probably recognise his name from being Former Man of the Weekend in November 2011. (—whetting-the-wedge-appetite-261111.php) Confidence is high in Camp Zorko, as he has not drawn his nemesis, Bakery, who has fallen out of favour in the Deal ranks.

Myles Waud – The youth policy in the Walton team. Very much the boom bust player in the team. When he turns it on, he can send his two iron further than most people’s drivers. Myles’ biggest obstacle this weekend is likely to be finding the bathroom at Casa Hedges, which I understand is badly sign posted at 3am in the morning!

James Brodie – Brodie bats for both sides, but most recently for Walton Heath. The only man never to win a Wedge. Keen to buck that trend, Brodie is paired up with Halford Hewitt man and rookie Nicholas Gates in the morning – then his Walton Heath Heathens partner Waudo in the afternoon. (Heathens Champions in 2011).

Phil Richards – A relative newcomer to the Wedge, but what a great addition Big Phil has been. Currently coasting with a 75% points percentage, Richards is also one of our most dangerous men (in a good way) at the bar. Paired up with professional Roberts in the morning, Richards can be there to be the senior player and carry him around. Partnering Myles after lunch, you can almost pencil a W in the Walton column now. (for win, not Walton!)

Peter Roberts – Our Walton professional and not blessed with the best Wedge record going. His golf has not been quite the same since canning his Waud Wine Club membership in 2014. Peter negotiated the pink pass for this weekend months ago and is raring to go. We look forward to seeing Pete flourish at one of the great links courses and hope that Corky’s point percentage does not overtake him!

Chris Young Wootton – It is essential to have some sartorial elegance in the team – and 2 names will undoubtedly provide an array of bright strides for the weekend. Walton’s only committee member in the Wedge team – CYW has fit in beautifully. After a disappointing debut in 2014, 2n is determined to put this right and has drawn some great partners in Myles and VC Berryman on Saturday.

Matthew Webster* – a man with a stunning collection of clubs to his name. He is also fresh off the back of a hole in one in the Putter. Webster is a rookie to the Wedge Trophy, but a man that is extremely well travelled on the golfing circuit. Rumoured to be as successful in the bar as he is on the golf course, we look forward to seeing the great man in action.

Nicholas Gates* – very much an unknown entity to the Walton Wedge hierarchy, but one that comes on high recommendation. Waud picked him purely for his love of vin rouge, but apparently he plays golf as well. Paired with our other rookie Webster in the afternoon round, let’s hope they do not get too stuck in the bar and make it out to enjoy their first Wedge Trophy.