Rye GC & RCPGC – “Whetting the Wedge Appetite!”

By our roaming reporter – Sammy ‘You old Slag’ Mason

With the summer Wedge at Walton a distant memory (and that’s what it is, history, so lets leave it there!) and the Cinque Ports leg over 3 months away, it leaves most Wedgers in the ultimate ‘Wedge limbo’.

So the prospect of a small group of Wedge veterans getting together for some quality East Sussex / Kent golfing and lash was beyond welcome. It was of course a Waud inspired event, courtesy of another thoroughly deserved membership at an appropriately auspicious club. Jointly organised by his 2011 foursome board companion; Mr Brodie.

A rather early start was warranted as we arrived at Rye GC for medicinal sustenance in the surroundings of a clubhouse simply oozing tradition. There were more ‘old boys’ in tweed, already sozzled at 8am than you could shake a hickory club at; needless to say Waud was in great admiration.

Home (those with a Deal or Rye membership) against Away. Foursomes, standard procedure, on a maiden track design by Mr Colt; he’s arguably a bit it of a natural! A fantastic example of classic links and we had the customary weather of wind and moody skies to match. berryman_presenting_hedges_the_wedge

Brodie captained Home and paired up with Waud against Zorko & Bowes, it turned out that the Away team had a man on a mission and duly dispatched the normally formidable pair. Hedge & Mason (also with foursomes board calibre I should add), had an enjoyable round with the Jocks, and edged out Hamish the Away captain and the new addition Roberts Burns great great grandson; Michael. Home 1, Away 1.

Oh, the things that will be written and talked about regarding the decadently delicious Rye luncheon. Washed down with fine wines in great company, I am not sure things get much better.

Rye are spoilt with a class second course; The Jubilee. Shaming most other first courses it hosted the sluggish post lunch round. Captain Brodie acquired the services of Hedge but alas they were never really in it as Zorko, fast becoming the man he was born to be, partnered Hamish to another convincing victory. Waud and Mason (formally ‘Team Tan’) were down and out against Bobby Burns and Bowes, but the famous adage as quoted on the 15th “four up with four to play never wins” rang true, and the match was halved in heroic fashion! Home 1.5, Away 2.5.

After Bowes proved his manliness by ripping a wheel off with his bare hands and changing his flat, it was a fairly match race to Deal between a Lotus, a Golf, a three wheeler and a toy sized Kia. Amazingly the Lotus only just won thanks to Hamish’s disregard for red lights and the wellbeing of the 1 litre engine!

In a brief and non incriminating report, the evening went; Kings head warm up, a Thai (food not women), Waud educating a Thai waiter on wine, Rivals, punchy rounds, ridiculous interaction with local types, dirty food, passing out in Chez Hedge.

8 broken men assembled at RCPGC, and we collectively mustered the energy to once more flail our clubs at a ball. Hedge & Waud strolled out to play Hamish & Bowes, impressively two drives down the middle to start, however it was the Wedge founders that prevailed and levelled the scores at 2.5 all. Captain Brodie and Mason were taking on the man mountain Zorko and the mo-tastic Bobby. The game resulted in the extremities of one man finishing the weekend pointless and Zorko (aka Man of Tour) managing to lug around his now considerable cahoonas to give the Away team a 3.5 – 2.5 victory!

Quite simply another epic weekend.