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28 Oct

The 8th Wedge Trophy

The greatest dichotomy in Wedge history was on 24th March 2012. A Walton Wedger remembers a day of jubilation and dominance as the forth wedge on the trot was won in embarrassingly convincing fashion on Deal soil (/sand). For a Deals ‘not so’ Dandies it was a dark day indeed, having been close in early

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22 Oct

Wedge Week – a few words from the Walton Captain

For the very amateur golfer, it does not get much bigger than Wedge week – especially when it is your home leg. The team has been selected, the pairings been analysed, the course order been picked and even the weather looks like it may behave itself – all in all, confidence is feeling pretty high

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15 Oct

Draw for 8th Wedge Trophy

The Captains are pleased to announce the line ups for The 8th Wedge Trophy, being held at Walton Heath Golf Club on Saturday 25th October 2014. Team Walton are on a quest to regain their old Wedge dominance and have fielded their most experienced team yet. There is only one rookie in their ranks, Stephen Tillie

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02 Apr

A turning of the tide?

The 8th Wedge Trophy at Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club – 29th March 2014 Post Wedge Mondays are a complicated and confusing beast. On the one hand there are the inevitable negatives; a faint but noticeable second day hangover, a wallet full of receipts rather than notes, a few claret fuelled stories to regret, and

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27 Feb

Draw for March 2014 Wedge

With just over a month to go – the draw for the 2014 Wedge Trophy at Deal was made by the Captains and Vice Captains at the famous Silka Curry Restaurant in Borough Market last night. This year a seeding system was implemented to try and get as many matches as possible, flat. A very

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03 Sep

The 7th Wedge Trophy

Four Walton wins, were followed by a controversial halved match, and then, a somewhat litigious abandonment of the 6th Wedge Trophy! So it was of great relief when a full contingent of Wedgers gathered on a sunny Walton Heath GC patio, ready to demand satisfaction in a battle for the 7th Wedge Trophy. The Deal

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28 Aug


Out of the rough that covers me, hacking through trees hole after hole. I curse whatever golfing gods may be For my all too easily conquered soul. In the fell clutch of an awkward stance, I have time and again shanked and yelled “Fore” out loud. But after a liquid lunch I’m square on 18,

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25 Mar

Deal Wedge 2013

Never had a Wedge Trophy fixture been as hyped as it was in the run up to the 2013 Deal leg. The banter had been flying on all forms of social media; the Wedge is so very cutting edge. The new Wedge logo had been proudly embossed on the dashing new team jumpers of the

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19 Mar

Morning Match by Match Review

As is tradition with the Royal Cinque Ports leg of the Wedge Trophy, Waud undertakes a match by match guide for our cult following for the morning games. Only the very best and most traditional clubs in the UK insist on a course being strictly 2 ball (unless you are a member of a Club

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