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09 Aug

Extensive Wedge Trophy Statistics

Please do delve into the extensive and marvelous Wedge statistics that Mike Hedges has generously managed over the years. One can only imagine the spreadsheet behind the scenes! There is plenty to look into – including: Individual stats for every Wedger that has ever played Pairings with the best records Head to head battles Dog

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09 Aug

The 21st playing of The Wedge Trophy

Bright golden morning, salivating at the prospect, excited, perhaps nervous, it was mixed emotions as Stephen Tillie pulled up to the McDonald’s arches. He had decided the usual Wedge social in the clubhouse preceding the golf was an inferior offering than that of Ronald McDonald. He perhaps thought of keeping his little pre-Wedge pitstop secret,

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13 Oct

Wedge-20 (like Covid-19, but less restrictive)

The 20th playing of The Wedge Trophy In a time of great uncertainty, it was great to bring some certainty back to our lives with the playing of the Walton Heath leg of The Wedge Trophy. Now in our 20th playing, we had planned a big anniversary lash up, but alas, we had to tone

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22 Mar

Wedge Trophy goes Viral!

It’s inevitable, I suppose, that when you bring together a group of 16 talented, charming young men in the prime of their lives, good things will happen. However, of the bunch that turned up at Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club last weekend, only three were deemed talented, two charming, and more than half were so

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16 Mar

Dear Captain…

FAO of The Captain of The Royal Cinque Ports Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club Golf Road Deal CT14 6RF 16th March 2020 Dear Honourable Captain of The Royal Cinque Ports, Wonderful running in to you at the club at the weekend during the playing of the 19th Wedge Trophy. You had a few queries /

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06 Mar

The 19th playing of The Wedge Trophy Draw

Notes: Matches will be played off flat. Shots only applicable in PM matches 3 and 4. PM 3 – Deal to receive 3 shots PM 4 – WH to receive 3 shots   Best Practice re Coronavirus: Sterilise hands regularly, we understand Kummel works well No hand shaking in the match

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23 Sep

The 18th Wedge Trophy

Picture the scene – Waud stands proudly, nay cocksure, addressing the esteemed players of the 18th Wedge Trophy. A lunch of chicken goujons, sandwiches and chips had just been encountered, sadly no longer coming with the plastic toy as Walton follow suit with Burger King to reduce such waste. Fortunately, Webster and Gates had conspired

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25 Mar

The 17th playing of The Wedge

Power Corrupts By Andrew ‘George Ezra’ Berryman WH WT VC Corruption was in the air as team Walton gathered in the Deal carpark on that fateful, blustery March morning. Was it the fact that, being on the coast, we had direct line of sight to those unelected bureaucrats in Brussels? Was it the comprehensive selection

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26 Nov

The 16th Wedge Trophy match report

Most controversial or shameful moments in Wedge history; 1) James “Turncoat” Brodie changing teams; only to find he remained on the losing side. Poetic. 2) Sarah “Judas” Hedge betraying her Deal Captain husband; first by playing for the opposition, and then by getting pregnant! 3) Bowesgate! This one was pure shame. Shameful, even relative to

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