Morning match by match review

Some may argue that Waud has too much time on his hands – others would argue the opposite and that Waud should spend more time creating banter.

Anyway, here is Waud’s morning match by match review.

Match 1: Hedges & Mason versus Waud C & Robinson

The tone has been set for the weekend with probably the feistiest match out first as we see the two Captains go head to head.

Hedges, partnered by his assistant Mason is a tried and tested pairing. They have Board and Touring experience. Very few could bet against them getting the first point on the board for RCP.

Walton have gone with the cunning and guile and the straight hitting of short game Waud. Determined to put the marker down early, Waud selected himself with the best golfer in the Walton pack. Robinson hits the ball big, chips the ball close and holes the important putts.

This game will always be a scratch match and the result could go either way.

Match 2: Brodie & Bjarnram versus Payne & Prickett

A very interesting match out second.

Brodie is the ultimate foursomes partner with the history books to prove it (though not on an actual board at Deal!). His foil, a Viking warrior named Christian who is an exceptionally good golfer indeed.

Waud has thrown his stalwart and only left pegger, David Payne out with a Wedge rookie Andy Prickett. Payne is littered with Halford Hewitt and Deal experience and will look to take advantage of long hitting Prickett to get them around to scrape a point off a very strong Deal pairing.

Match 3: Fewster & Baker versus Waud M & Zorko

This is the top banter match of the morning session and what banter they will have.

Fewster will be fuelled with kummel, while his partner will have likely taken on plenty in the bakery. Good fodder all round to get them through until lunch.

Waud and Zorko is a proven winning combination and are currently unbeaten. Very much a boom bust pairing and most likely to boom. Waud and Zorko will expect nothing less than to supply their captain with 1 point.

If this match goes down 18, bad memories will be there for Fewster as he famously chunked one into the 18th water hazard, which turned out to be the difference between Deal gaining their first Wedge in 2011!

Match 4: Fox & Yates versus Bowes & Story

We get into the engine room now and have another interesting game in match 4.
Hedges has thrown two rookies into the mix to play against one of Waud’s favourite pairings of Bowes and Story.

Hard to predict an outcome here due to the unknown Deal element, but the bookies would probably sway towards team Walton.

Match 5: Kaarberg & Fent versus Nairn & Richards

Deal are starting to show strength and depth as they put two of their seasoned Wedgers out in match 5. Kaarberg has one of the best Wedge records going, whilst ‘Wall Street’ Fents record probably doesn’t do him justice.

Two rookies out for Walton in this game. Nairn is fresh off the back of some warm weather training in Australia and will be chomping at the bit to get underway in the Wedge, purely so he can get back to the bar! Richards grew up playing golf at RCP and so has developed his game to suit the links conditions.

Match 6: Andrews & Leah versus Frith & Mack

As we come to the final match of the morning, Deal have chosen to go with stature. This is in the form of the President’s son and the RCP Assistant Secretary. Mr Andrews is 0 from 2 so will be looking to get on the scoreboard with Wedge rookie Leah.

A second Wedge for Frith as he looks to press on from his successes at Walton. Mack is a Walton ringer who won the Waud Classic at Royal Ashdown in 2011. He has been rumoured to have been down at the range this week to work on the 4 iron punch.

Another match too hard to pick a winner.