Line ups announced

Very much like the build up to the Masters at Augusta, the run up to the Wedge has suddenly reached fever pitch.

Conversations behind closed doors have been had, many pairings on both sides had been penciled down, scrutinised and thrown in the bin, only to start the process again.

There was also rumour that there had been a leak at RCPGC HQ to the Daily Mail about RCP pairings, but this has now been put to bed.

Captains Waud and Hedges announced their teams at 15.00 on Monday 19th March – and there are some absolute beauties on the cards.

Please follow this link to see some of the greatest fixtures in Wedge history.

Less than a week to go now gentlemen – this has the makings to be an absolute belter.

Best to the bestest,

Charles Waud and Michael Hedges