Deal Wedge 2013

Never had a Wedge Trophy fixture been as hyped as it was in the run up to the 2013 Deal leg. The banter had been flying on all forms of social media; the Wedge is so very cutting edge.

The new Wedge logo had been proudly embossed on the dashing new team jumpers of the respective teams. A pre Wedge mid week session among the Wedge Committee had seen a brilliant tote system devised. Captains had provided detailed match stats and player profiles. The controversial halved match at the previous Wedge had left both sides keen to snatch the initiative… in other words; this was shaping up to be a wondrous & extraordinary Wedge Trophy.

With such preparation what could go wrong? Well I will tell you what could go wrong; that old b*tch Mother Nature rearing her ugly head! Yes, Mother Nature, the darling of previous March fixtures had clearly suffered a rough year, and the twisted cantankerous old hag let us feel her full wrath. Wind, snow and Siberian temperatures rolled in, and only the most committed, brave and brilliant men were found sitting in RCPGC early on Saturday morning! This translated to 11 of 12 Deal members and 3 of 12 Walton members attending, that’s 92% of Team Deal against 25% of Team Walton, 3.6 Deal Dandies to 1 Walton Wimp, 5 of 6 Deal pairings able and ready to tee off versus a lowly single Walton pair!!! Or more succinctly; a cancelled match.

A moral victory to Deal? Far be it from me to judge. But if forced to opine, and based purely on unbiased, equitable reason, yes a resounding Deal victory. Let’s just leave it at that. I am not the type to throw stones, even if I am far away from any glass houses because I am actually out in the freezing cold playing golf. I am certainly not about to drag up the controversial fact that the Walton Captain would have missed his tee time in any case, because he chose to get hammered and wake up late on the wrong side of London the night before. There is simply no value in apportioning blame and retrospectively pointing out guilty parties, the comfort of a clear conscience throughout the Deal team is enough for me.

Needless to say that those in attendance endured and enjoyed a friendly morning round on the good old links. We then took full advantage of an extending lash, involving a cracking long lunch at the club, with T.M. Biggs introducing himself as the comedian he was born to be! We then proceeded to share the Wedge love with some locals at the Just Reproach pub, followed by the usual settling in session in the Kings Head, where indoor games included full contact rugger, and ‘all aboard the Jaeger train’. There are rumours that some even went native and frequented Rivals Premier Night Club.

From a disappointing start, the infamous Wedge spirit and comradery meant the weekend was salvaged, with good times had by all.